Excellent design, energy saving and maximum safety, all combined in a door!

The standard door edition includes 1 lock of three points, external handle 30/20cm and 3 hinges (up to 109x230cm doors), 4 hinges (up to 129x260cm doors), 5 hinges (up to 129x310cm doors).

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  • Maximum thermal insulation with appealing appearance
  • Wing covered inside and outside
  • Glazing with 4-layer insulated glass W/(m²K) Ug 0,5
  • ESG 6 mm safety glass inside and outside
  • Aluminum thickness 3 mm outside and 2 mm inside
  • Heat transfer coefficient for total thickness 90 mm Up = 0.36 W/(m²K) and for total thickness 75 mm Up = 0.44 W/(m²K)
  • The most advanced door you can have in terms of energy efficiency and thermal insulation
  • Very exact and high-quality workmanship all around
  • High quality Inox details (Stainless Steel Satine 316)
  • The design and Inox details come only on the exterior surface of the door