A double glass sheet is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional single glass sheet. They are placed in houses and offices and they have become extremely popular because of their ability to save energy, reduce noise and absorb ultraviolet solar radiation. Even though their cost is higher than the traditional windows, the energy they save in the long run worths the price.

What is a double glass sheet? In windows made of double glass sheet there is an insulating layer between the two glass sheets which is filled with noble gas through a pump. This layer usually has a width of 1.27 cm to 1.9 cm and is most frequently filled with argon, carbon dioxide or krypton. Moreover, the glass is covered with a reflecting layer that reflects heat. In the past twenty years there has been an increase in double glass sheets orders, while triple and fourfold glass sheets are aslo available.

When a double glass sheet is used, it is estimated that electrical energy saving reaches up to 25% in winter, thus reducing the heating bills, and 18% in summer, using less air-conditioning. To get the most of the reflecting layer, in warm climates the render should be in the external surface of the inner glass. This will help to reflect the sun rays away during the summer months. In colder climates, the render should be in the internal surface in order to keep the heat in-space. In winter, the window allows the sunlight to get in, but it simultaneously blocks the cold.

Maximum dimensions for double or triple glass sheets constructions: Low-e 3200×6000

Doppelte Isolationsscheiben
Doppelte Isolierglas


Calumen application is a calculation tool which allows you to create performance reports for various glass combinations (single, double or triple). You can use it directly through your browser (registration required).

You can find it here.