Mullion and transom façade systems from Schüco offer a great variety, both technically and architecturally, which has proven itself for many years in a wide variety of building envelopes around the world. Through consistent and innovative further developments, Schüco provides planners with tested and approved system components that guarantee maximum flexibility when implementing future-proof building concepts: from vertical facades with and without segmentation to passive house applications through to Skylights, structural glazing and panoramic design facades.

Today, modern, sustainable architecture goes far beyond maximum energy efficiency through the best U-values. Filigree looks, high-quality design and the perfect integration of functional elements with optimum performance at the same time, e.g. with insert elements, are among the features of contemporary aluminum façade systems.

Schüco has met these high requirements with a new, comprehensive platform concept for aluminum mullion and transom façades: Schüco FWS façade systems (Façade Wall System). It offers planners a new dimension of creative freedom combined with the best performance and cost-efficient construction. Processors guarantee innovative production and assembly solutions that save time and money while maintaining a high level of system reliability.


The Schüco FWS 60.CV (Concealed Vent) façade system is particularly suitable for the implementation of skylights with filigree views and the best thermal insulation at the same time. Through the merging of sash and supporting structure, it offers maximum transparency with an identical appearance of fixed panels and opening elements.

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With a reduced face width of 35 mm, the Schüco Facade FWS 35.PD (Panorama Design) system variant creates transparent facade constructions with large glass surfaces – without sacrificing high, passive house-certified thermal insulation.

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The Schüco FWS 50 and Schüco FWS 60 façade systems are the logical further development of the proven, thermally insulated Schüco mullion and transom façades. In addition to the energy efficiency at passive house level, the processing and assembly in the workshop and on the construction site have been optimized.

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The new Schüco AF UDC 80 system platform combines the advantages of the system and project business: It offers tested assemblies that can be adapted for the project business and thus reduce the planning and testing effort. This results in a wide range of possible uses, not only for special solutions, but also for rational planning and processing for adapted, project-related element façade constructions. The system components can be used flexibly and optimally with maximum security.

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With the new system variants Schüco FWS 60.CV (Concealed Vent) and Schüco FWS 35.PD (Panorama Design), the Schüco Facades FWS system platform offers a plus in design options for the use of mullion-transom systems in architecture. The same applies to the holistically revised and optimized aluminum facades with 50 mm and 60 mm system widths. The focus of the new system development and revision was on the implementation of filigree views and maximum transparency combined with the synthesis of form and function – e.g. B. the merging of sash and supporting structure without additional outer frames. The optimal thermal insulation on passive house level as a system basis was solved by intelligent isolator technology. Optimized system components with a high proportion of identical parts and a high degree of pre-assembly ensure that the Schüco FWS façade systems can be processed much more quickly and therefore more rational production and assembly processes in the workshop and on the building site.

Schüco Fassade FWS 60.CV

Schüco Façade FWS 60.CV

Schüco Fassade FWS 35.PD

Schüco Façade FWS 35.PD

Schüco Fassade FWS 50/60

Schüco Façade FWS 50/60