The facade system:


The Schüco FWS 60.CV façade is characterized by maximum transparency thanks to floor-to-ceiling opening vents and attractive design freedom thanks to top and bottom lights.

System properties

The Schüco Façade FWS 60.CV (Concealed Vent) system harmoniously combines filigree views with high functionality and optimum thermal insulation. With a visible width of only 60 mm, opening elements and fixed panels are indistinguishable from the outside. On the flush closed inside, the window sashes are only recognizable by a filigree shadow gap and the window handle.

Two construction depths combined with the individually usable structure connection enable a wide variety of possible uses with the simplest installation: from classic and floor-to-ceiling ribbon windows to punched windows. The Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings system with the fully profile-integrated comfort fitting enables turn, tilt and turn and tilt before turn windows even for heavy glass. Whether existing or new buildings, Schüco FWS 60.CV offers a visually elegant upgrade of the property with optimal thermal insulation values ​​at the same time.


The system achieves maximum façade transparency with floor-to-ceiling turn-only casements up to an element height of 3.00 m. Depending on the required statics, approval can be given for a turn-opening element height of up to 3.20 m. Structurally advanced heavy-duty opening elements for increased wind loads as well as top and bottom lights provide more design freedom. Also new: mechatronically controlled sashes as tilting elements, even without a window handle.

Mechatronically controlled opening elements offer not only a high level of convenience and flexible sash positioning, but also economic benefits. The sashes equipped with the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart fitting can be used for automatic ventilation control, so that the cooling load of a building can be reduced by night-time cooling, for example. In order to reduce the energy consumption required for air conditioning during the day, Schüco has developed optically unobtrusive system components which – can be used for fixed panels, opening units and top and bottom lights – enable flexible connection of sun shading systems.


The convenience can be achieved by automatically opening Windows that work independently in wind and rain to drive, to be increased. Also let combine windows into groups or connect to the building management system.


Energy saving through automatic, natural ventilation: For example energy consumption can be significantly reduced through night-time cooling.


A magnetic switch for monitoring opening and closing visualizes opening states and can be integrated into a burglar alarm system. When open window gives the system feedback and thus preventing entry by unauthorized people.

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