Schüco ASS 80.FD.HI

The ASS 80.FD.HI folding sliding system from Schüco is an appropriate solution for residential buildings as well as for public facilities and institutions. Among other things, this system would be a good choice for designing barrier-free living and working spaces. With this system, for example, house rear entrances/terrace doors, but also conservatories can be equipped. In addition, the Schüco ASS 80.FD.HI system is recommended for glazing balconies. Regardless of the maximum weight of 100 kg, the folding door slides slightly to the side as soon as the handle is operated. With this project, Schüco attaches great importance to uncomplicated operability, not least because of this, the light metal aluminum was selected for the profile.

Highly heat-insulating folding sliding door system with optimal noise protection

The Schüco ASS 80.FD.HI sliding/folding door is a “Highly Insulated” system, i.e. a highly thermally insulating system with innovative multi-chamber profiles and all-round seals for maximum environmental protection and minimum heating costs. Even in severe frost, but also during the summer heat, the rooms remain well air-conditioned. The electricity and/or gas bill is affordable and the climate also benefits. Another advantage of the folding sliding door is reliable noise protection, so that Schüco ASS 80.FD.HI would definitely be recommended for city domiciles.The folding door ASS 80.FD from Market leader Schüco not only offers reliable protection against unfavorable weather, but also against uninvited visitors. Resistance class RC2 can even be achieved with standard glazing. On request, special fittings and glazing with safety glass are also possible for more security.

Aluminium Folding doors with three leaves
Aluminium Folding doors with three leaves
Aluminium Folding doors with four leaves
Aluminium Folding doors with four leaves
Aluminium Folding doors with five leaves
Aluminium Folding doors with five leaves
Aluminium Folding doors with six leaves
Aluminium Folding doors with six leaves
Folding doors with 3-7 leaves opening inwards or outwards (further variants on request)

Wide scope for design

At the customer’s request, the Schüco ASS 80.FD aluminum folding sliding door can be manufactured with between three and seven leaves. All glazing with warm edge Thermix TX.N, TGI or equivalent. Further technical data can be found under the system-specific product details.

Schiebesysteme ASS 80.FD
Schueco Griffe Druecker


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Certificate ASS 70.FD
Certificate ASS 80.FD

Technical Datasheet

Window system

  • Schüco Aluminium ASS 80.FD.HI


  • Triple thermal insulation glazing with Ug 0.6 W(m²K)

Insulation value

  • Total window Uw 1.3 – 1.8 W (m²K) depending on the size


  • Schüco attachment fitting for folding doors

Window handle

  • Schüco designer handle in E6/EV1 (natural aluminium)


  • RAL 9016 or 7016