Schüco aluminum systems also offer numerous and varied application options in the area of ​​mechanical safety, which can be easily and invisibly combined with the standard systems from Schüco. The Schüco system solutions for more security are geared towards one essential criterion: The external aesthetics are retained because the protective mechanisms are predominantly integrated inside the elements.


With burglar-resistant windows, doors and facades from Schüco, holistic and tested safety is always acquired. All individual components are coordinated with one another. Test certificates and nameplates in the fold provide evidence of this. “You can’t get anything from me”, “I’m insured”, “Burglars come in everywhere”, “Burglars come at night”: Sounds familiar? Every four minutes there is a break-in in this country. In around 66% of all cases, windows and doors are simply levered out. Year after year, billions in damages are caused by this. Not to mention the non-material, irretrievable values ​​or the physical and psychological damage to the victims whose privacy was intruded. That is why Schüco systems already offer a high level of basic security as standard: The strength of the thermally insulated aluminum profiles and the processing according to specified manufacturing and assembly documents prevent it from being levered out quickly. The longer an element withstands, the greater the likelihood that the culprit will be noticed. Special additional equipment can increase protection even further: additional lever protection in the frame, safety locks and fittings, safety glazing and panels that can withstand even heavy equipment.


The technical equipment of windows and doors in forensic and psychiatric clinics as well as prisons, police, court or customs buildings must meet the highest security requirements. Schüco offers many solutions for these facilities to protect against the risk of breakout, injury and suicide. Escape-preventing elements such as windows, doors and facades are security systems that are used in the following building types, among others: correctional facilities, police, court or customs buildings, forensic and psychiatric clinics. The primary goal is to ensure the protection of everyone in the building. It is not only about preventing outbreaks, but also about protecting endangered patients and inmates from the risk of suicide or injury. In addition, the staff must be able to handle the windows and doors without any problems in order to ensure that their daily work runs smoothly. Since there are currently no standards for breakout-resistant windows and doors, these can only be adequately checked. In order to still give planners and users a secure basis, Schüco draws on its know-how and experience in the field of burglar resistance.


In the contract business in particular, you will find areas where, in addition to burglary protection, bullet-resistant solutions are also required. These include banks and insurance companies, post offices, government agencies and retail stores. Schüco also offers the right systems for this area and, of course, all components are perfectly matched to one another and, as a whole, comply with the applicable safety regulations. Additional security components for bullet-resistant elements are: bullet-resistant reinforcement profiles, bullet-resistant Schüco Protect glazing, bullet-resistant panels, security fittings (optional).


In view of the increased number of attacks worldwide, the need for security is growing in all countries. In addition to protection against fire, this also includes protection against explosive effects. Here, the need for windows, doors and facades that prevent the effects of explosions increases noticeably. Schüco also offers optimal security in this sensitive market segment with perfectly coordinated systems. With its explosion-resistant systems, Schüco also offers perfectly coordinated systems for optimum security in this sensitive market segment. The window, door and facade systems from Schüco, tested in accordance with ISO 16933, offer protection against explosions and at the same time have an attractive appearance and a high degree of functionality.




The frame must be secured with a fastening means at least for each locking point (straps, safety bolts, safety locks, etc.). Corresponding strength-supporting measures are to be used for hollow blocks and lightweight building blocks. The maximum fastening distance must also be observed for fixed glazing.


The Schüco standard facade systems FW 50 + and FW 60+ are well-engineered solutions that have proven themselves many times. In addition, the facade systems can be freely combined within the Schüco system world and also in terms of burglar resistance up to resistance class WK3 (RC 3). There are almost no limits to creativity and safety.

Einbruchhemmender Elemente
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Concealed fitting

Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart

The Schüco AvanTec generation of fittings combines timeless design with user-oriented technology and versatile functions. With sash weights of up to 160 kg, the concealed mechanical fitting not only meets architectural requirements for generous formats and maximum transparency. The hardware system for inward opening, overlay windows also impresses with improved installation properties and a modular security concept up to WK3 (RC 3). You can find more information in the detailed brochure.

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Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart
Schüco Protect


Schüco Protect

Whether burglary, bullet resistance or explosion resistance – the Schüco Protect safety glass (optionally with VdS-approved alarm spider) offers the highest level of effectiveness against break-ins and vandalism with its optimal combination of glass thickness and pane structure. Protection that cannot be seen, because light, visibility and transparency are retained. In addition to the safety aspects, all aesthetic and functionality requirements are met.

Steelball Testing

Drop test with steel balls

A steel ball weighing 4110 g must not penetrate the glass when attempting from a fixed drop height. Whether it is mono, double or triple glazing is irrelevant.

  • P1A corresponds to a height of fall of 1 , 5 m
  • P2A corresponds to a fall height of 3.0 m
  • P3A corresponds to a fall height of 6.0 m
  • P4A corresponds to a fall height of 9.0 m
  • P5A corresponds to a fall height of 9.0 m
Mechanische Prüfung mit der Axt

Mechanical test with an ax

How many strokes of the ax does it take to create a 400 mm x 400 mm breakthrough? The glass is clamped in and covered with an ax.

  • P6B corresponds to 30 – 50 ax strokes
  • P7B corresponds to 51 – 70 ax strokes
  • P8B corresponds to & gt; 70 strokes of the ax



There are two types of ALARM glass:

  • PROTECT with alarm wire: Wire loops inserted between the glass and the intermediate layer trigger an alarm in the event of a wire break due to damage to the pane.
  • PROTECT with SECURIT ALARM: An electrically conductive wire loop is burned into the upper inner corner of a SECURIT® pane. The loop is connected to the alarm system. If the glass breaks, the wire is broken and an alarm is triggered.
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Alarm Glass Vetrotech

Locking technology

Schüco locks

With extensive hardware systems, Schüco makes an active contribution to preventive protection against break-ins and theft. Basically, the more locking points a door lock system offers, the better the door is protected against attempted break-ins. The Schüco security range includes locks with 3-point and 5-point locking, so that the degree of burglar resistance of the door can be selected according to your own security requirements.

Schueco SensTrack Wireless Sicherheit

Energy self-sufficient monitoring of closing

Schüco SensTrack wireless

Security meets smart building management in the Schüco SensTrack wireless monitoring of opening and closing. The wireless, battery- free keep reliably sends signals about the opening status of the window and can be directly connected to systems that are compatible with EnOcean or to KNX systems by means of an additional external gateway.