The Schüco AR FG 300 balustrade system combines the elegance and visual appeal of an all-glass solution with simple fabrication and installation. It also provides maximum protection as a safety barrier.

The Schüco AR FG 300 can be installed on the floor, in front of the intermediate slab or recessed into the floor. The latest version in particular supports a minimalist design and ensures exceptional visual continuity and transparency.

For the other two options which have visible aluminium profiles, separate cover profiles provide a choice of different surface finish designs and colours for the inside and outside, so that the system can be fully integrated into the surroundings.

The innovative system for aligning and locking the glazing in place enables full installation from the inside, which guarantees a high degree of safety for the installer, as well as fast and easy installation.

Schueco AR FG 300

Schüco AR FG 300 combines elegance and style. Click on the picture to get to the brochure.