Shipping Costs

After 5-7 weeks, the time we usually need to manufacture the products you have ordered, we proceed to their dispatch. Shipping is accomplished through a collaborative transport company, which makes all the appropriate arrangements for a safe and fast delivery of the products to your country. There are two ways in order for you to receive your order:
  1. Pickup from the warehouse. The transport company delivers all products to predetermined locations in big European cities. Depending on the address you have given to us, your order will be delivered to the closest point. If you choose to pick up the products yourselves from the warehouse, then the shipping cost is what you see on the confirmation email after you have placed your order.
  2. Delivery to your door. If you wish to receive your order at your place, the shipping cost may vary from what you see on the confirmation email after you have placed your order. The exact cost will be announced to you in written by another email and will be defined by the delivery address, the distance from the warehouse and the pricing policy of the company that will complete the delivery. On any occasion, you will be informed by us in writing for the exact shipping costs after you have placed your order.
The following table shows the countries where we send our products and the shipping cost to a warehouse in that country.  
ENGLAND 385€ + customs clearance cost 80€ + customs clearance cost
AUSTRIA 250€ 45€
BELGIUM 290€ 45€
FRANCE 375€ 80€
GERMANY 150€ 35€
DENMARK 350€ 80€
SPAIN 380€ 80€
ITALY 270€ 45€
HOLLAND 295€ 45€
SWEDEN 420€ 80€

All prices include VAT 19%.

If you wish to purchase from us but your country in not enlisted on the table above, you can contact us by email to to examine your case in isolation.