In modern building planning, great importance is attached to an optimal working and living environment. The supply of fresh air is just as important for maintaining the value of the property and the sustainable protection of the building fabric as it is for noise-free acoustics for comfortable room quality. Both conditions are also essential for personal wellbeing. In many buildings and facilities, regulated air exchange and effective soundproofing cannot be guaranteed to the same extent: Open windows allow fresh air in, but also disturbing noise from outside. This conflict is successfully resolved with the innovative ventilation system from Schüco.
Schüco VentoAir is an independently regulating window rebate ventilator made of plastic with automatic volumetric flow limitation for installation in pairs for controlled air exchange and safe dehumidification without drafts. Learn more
With the adjustable window ventilator, Schüco offers a permanent ventilator suitable for residential construction. Thanks to the self-regulating ventilation flap, the window ventilator reacts independently to changes in wind pressure on and around the building, thus ensuring a controlled exchange of air without drafts. Learn more
SCHÜCO VentoFrame
The Schüco VentoFrame offers a tested system for self-regulating window ventilators, which is installed almost invisibly in the frame – designed for the narrowest face widths. Thanks to its self-regulating external flap, the Schüco VentoFrame reacts independently to changes in wind pressure on and around the building, thus guaranteeing a continuous exchange of air without disruptive drafts. Even more: The Schüco VentoFrame is an impressive aesthetic and economical solution for new buildings and renovations. Learn more
SCHÜCO VentoFrame Asonic
The Schüco VentoFrame Asonic, created in partnership with Renson, supplements the tried and tested VentoAir and VentoFrame ventilation systems with an effective and particularly high level of noise reduction. The fan combines a natural supply of air with a high level of acoustic comfort – decisive advantages when operating a building. Learn more
SCHÜCO VentoTherm Twist
With the Schüco VentoTherm Twist, Schüco offers an efficient system solution for decentralized ventilation: window-integrated ventilation with heat recovery – controlled air exchange without opening the window. This ensures an optimization of energy consumption, indoor climate and air quality – and thus also for decisive advantages in the marketing and operation of the property. Schüco VentoTherm Twist can be combined with Schüco aluminum and plastic systems. Learn more
SCHÜCO Ventilation
SCHÜCO Ventilation


Overview of the product benefits

Schüco VarioAir


  • For simple ventilation concepts without heat recovery with low investment costs
  • Custom-made window ventilators for elements with a profile depth of up to 205 mm
  • Self-regulating ventilation flap prevents drafts at high wind speeds < / li>
  • Safe function and accuracy of fit thanks to delivery made to measure
  • Air supply can be regulated manually in 5 stages
  • Optionally with silencer, so that pleasant ventilation is possible even with outside noise </ li>
  • Integrated, cleanable insect screen
Schüco VentoFrame

SCHÜCO VentoFrame

  • Controlled, operator-independent air exchange: avoidance of moisture damage
  • Use of plastic fans: no cold bridges
  • Installation in the frame profile: almost invisible integration for narrow overall viewing widthsNone
  • Interventions in the structure, e.g. B. Wall breakthroughs
  • Design profile: air supply manually adjustable in 4 levels
  • Visually very appealing thanks to the continuous design: coatable flap profile on the inside of the room and weather bar on the outside of the window
Schüco VentoFrame Asonic

SCHÜCO VentoFrame Asonic

  • Effective air exchange: good air quality and protection of the building fabric
  • Excellent acoustic comfort
  • Fast, stable installation
  • Restrained design, inside and outside </ li>
  • Ideal for various ventilation concepts
  • Flexible use for new buildings, renovations, refurbishments
  • Integrated anti-reverse function for even greater comfort (Comfort version)
Schüco VentoTherm Twist

SCHÜCO VentoTherm Twist

  • High level of hygiene, no time-consuming cleaning of a sewer network required
  • A modular structure with 6 device sizes enables individual adjustment to ventilation requirements
  • Depending on the operating concept: automatic adjustment of the air volume flow to the current demand through integrated sensors – reduces expensive energy costs
  • Easy implementation of demanding ventilation concepts, e.g. B. in combination with bathroom exhaust fans
  • Versatile system control: tailor-made adaptation to a wide variety of applications and high user demands